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Social Media Marketing

Improve Your Restaurant Brand Recognition

Almost 75% of people use social media when making a purchase decision. It’s a critical touchpoint to build brand recognition and sales. Visual social media marketing is especially important for restaurants and cafes. With a comprehensive social media marketing package, your restaurant can start building brand awareness, and attract attention for in-store traffic. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Restaurants & Cafes

1. Customer Engagement
2. Brand Loyalty
3. Brand Recognition/Awareness
4. Increased Traffic

It is a generally known fact that social media drives customer loyalty and is an effective marketing tool for experience based businesses. When a customer is happy with your food, the dining atmosphere or with your services they will quickly share their experience on local Toronto review sites, like yelp, google reviews and on social media. These positive reviews, social media content and visitor endorsements create buzz, and often go viral, greatly enhancing your restaurants recognition! Social media marketing allows you to reach the right audiences, with the right content, with the intention to drive user engagement and gain recognition.


What We Offer

Strategic Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization Services

Content Creation

The Joshi Digital team and extended partner network include, graphic designers, photographers and video specialist. We provide a comprehensive content creation & management service. You can count on us to create quality content. 

Account Management

When to share it, how to post it, on which sites to post it. The little details really do matter. Optimization of posting strategy and overall account management is important. We handle all of this to make sure your great content is reaching as many people as possible.

Social Ads & PPC

Social Media Advertising is a a useful tool for testing marketing campaigns and  getting your message viewed by a broader audience.  Promoted social ads and PPC campaigns should compliment the organic social media strategy developed for your business.

Influencer Marketing 

We help your business partners with some of the biggest Social Media Influencers in Toronto and across Canada. Hand picked influancers that can help spread the word about your restaurant or cafe. We can manage the whole process with our industry knowledge and frameworks.

Social Media Services Designed For Restaurants 

Our team strives to turn your restaurants social media presence into an active social brand and marketing outlet leveraging the power of organic and paid social media stories by sharing your story with your targeted audience. Our unique frameworks, industry experience and strategic marketing solutions are designed to help build salable social brands that have measurable impact. 

Social Scale Restaurants 
$ 695.00/Month


  • Managed Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Unique/Organic Social Feed (9 Posts Per Month)
  • Social Media Stories & Engagement Content (4 Per Month)
  • Written Content/Content Marketing (1 Blog Post Per Month)
  • Monthly Social Media Marketing Calendar
  • Quarterly Social Analytics & Performance Reporting
  • Professional Photography Services (4 Hours Per Quarter)
  • Monthly Social Media Consultation & Alignment (1 Hour Per Month)
  • Liking, Commenting, & Sharing Industry Relevant Content
  • Social Community Management
  • Social Growth Services and Ongoing Engagement Management
  • Managed Social Outreach, Hashtag and Influencer Strategy
  • Customized Stock Images & Graphic Media (10 Per Month)
  • Access to On-demand Photography, Design & Content Services

Step 1: Learning

A virtual coffee/meeting to understand your business, brand and marketing objectives. To make sure we are on the same page and aligned in terms of results and goals. 

Step 2: Analysis

An analysis of your business, social media, website and other web presence. A full audit of your current email marketing setup, other digital marketing processes and brand marketing guidelines. This analysis process will bring to light any social media marketing gaps and opportunities for growth. 

Step 3: Strategize

Working alongside you or your digital marketing team to develop a social media marketing strategy, templates and brand building framework. 

Step 4: Partnership

Based on the developed strategy, your budget and your marketing needs we will work together form a work partnership and work agreement. This will include social media management and additional services based on your needs. 

Step 5: Launch

As soon as the project scope, goals and objectives are set work on your social media will began. You will be provided access to reports, dashboard and other data. Monthly consultations and results reporting will also take place. 

Step 6: Scale

Over the next 8-12 months I will apply and develop your social media brand and implement marketing automation frameworks. My goal will be to to assist you and your team in ways that aligns with your overall marketing strategy by making sure your social media and social brands are growing along with your business. 

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